Calm the “Monkey Mind”

The term monkey mind comes from Buddhism; believing that meditation can tame the beast we call our thoughts. I challenge you to follow these simple meditation tips to find some mental space. Try just 5 mins to begin, and feel free to increase your time as you please.

  1. Find a comfortable seat… you don’t have to be crossed legged. You can be in a chair, or sit on a block or pillow, just make sure your posture is the best it can comfortably be. Then set your timer.
  2. Close your eyes and start to gain awareness of how your breath is flowing. Notice if it’s deep or shallow, long or short, warm or cold. In meditation , we always move our attention away from judging ourselves. This is your time to be completely comfortable with yourself, your breath and your thoughts. This too takes practice, but don’t judge.
  3. Begin to count the breath. Slowly inhale, exhale Simply continue with that count until the alarm begins to sound. *Also check out my blog on mala beads to learn a different style of meditation that may be better suited for you.

The Challenge:

There will be itches to scratch, thoughts to get lost in, and list to check off, but once you notice those thoughts, bring your awareness to its existence, then let them go by…



again, DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF. It’s okay if you scratch that itch, or realize you scheduled your entire day in your head and stopped counting; just know it happened and move on.

Goal of Meditation:

Awareness: In your daily life you’ll begin to observe times when you are not in present moment. Getting trapped thoughts is a constant occurrence, and unless you’re in a yoga class, no one is telling you to count your inhales and exhales. When we become aware of the breath and present moment through meditating, we take note of “over thinking” and suddenly we’re aware of our thoughts and have the knowledge of how to create space in between them.

Being in the Present: A lot of our worry comes from the past and the future. When we bring ourselves to the present, we’re able to grow from our past and build for our future instead of wallow or worry about it. When you realize your mind is in the past or future, come back to the moment you’re guaranteed and work with what you currently have.

Relax: Deep breaths are IMPORTANT… and guess what? You always have access!!! Learning how to control your breath and lengthen it out, is one of the best ways to simmer down. Not only are you relaxing your sympathetic nervous system while meditating, you’re practicing being present and aware which is something technology has drained from us all. SO take some time for you and only you, meditate…

All you have to do is breath.

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